T i s a   M c g r a w   a n d   K y l e   M e a d o w s Enjoy the beautiful, lush sounds of traditional Celtic melodies performed on the hammered dulcimer and Celtic harp as a part of your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour or reception. The heavenly combination of music and instruments provides a rich, dreamlike atmosphere to an event. We provide the perfect music for all parts of your wedding, from the prelude to the postlude and reception. We play indoor and outdoor events for any number of guests. We can also perform in Renaissance costumes for medieval weddings. Couples frequently tell us that their guests loved and remembered the music more than at any other wedding they've attended.“Thank you deeply for your glorious music. The hammered dulcimer and harp are a heavenly combination. The world would be a much calmer and more beautiful place if your music could be heard everywhere, and I feel sad for those who miss it.” Ann H., Fort Thomas, Ky “Thanks for playing such beautiful music for our reception. We had so many compliments from our guests. You really helped make our evening delightful.” Sue and Frank M.., Columbus, Oh “Thank you for your splendid performances for the Fine Arts Fund. I have been given many excellent compliments. Your talent, friendliness and warmth played a meaningful part.” Jean M., Cincinnati, Oh   Music Samples Click on any of the following song titles to hear a short sample. (1 to 1 1/2 minutes each)  Planxty Fannie Power Greensleeves Campbell's Farewell Gentle Maiden Ashokan Farewell Si Bheag Si Mhor About the Instruments The hammered dulcimer and harp are among the most ancient of stringed instruments. The hammered dulcimer originated in Persia as many as 5000 years ago and was originally called a santur. It is basically a trapezoidal wooden box with many pairs of strings (mine has 29 pairs) and is played by striking the strings with small wooden hammers, so it's technically a percussion instrument, as is the piano, it's descendant. The tones produced from this striking action resonate for a long time and begin to overlap one another, creating the peaceful, bell-like quality of the instrument.The harp evolved among many ancient cultures wherever hunting bows were in use. It was developed from the discovery of the tone produced by plucking the bow string. The Celtic harp, one of many types, has its' origins in the Celtic part of the world, primarily Ireland, but including Scotland and Wales. It is smaller than the classical harp and uses levers instead of pedals to change the tone of a string thus creating sharps and flats when needed. About the Musicians Kyle and Tisa have both been playing some type of music for most of their lives. Kyle began with the piano at age five and has been playing the hammered dulcimer for almost twenty years. He is known locally and nationally as one of the best hammered dulcimer musicians available and has appeared on numerous stage, radio and television performances.Tisa began playing the piano at age five also, and has been playing the Celtic harp for twelve years, gaining a reputation for her delicate and beautiful handling of the instrument, doubtlessly influenced by her years of training and practice as a massage therapist.As a duo, Kyle and Tisa have been performing together for 15 years and have played for a huge variety of events, from weddings and receptions to festivals, bookstores, coffeehouses and concert halls.Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you.”