Kyle Meadows was born in North Carolina and grew up in the Philippines, Florida and South Carolina. He has played instruments most of his life, starting with the piano at age five.
   After working as a scientist, potter and teacher, among other jobs, Kyle realized he enjoyed playing music more than anything else and has been doing so full time for over 20 years.
He is known locally and nationally as one of the finest hammered dulcimer musicians available and has appeared on numerous stage, radio and television performances. A performer with the Kentucky Arts Council and the Cincinnati Fine Arts Fund, Kyle has shared the stage with such internationally known acts as Mark O'Connor, Homer Ledford, Ralph Stanley, Jr. and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

He plays for a variety of events including festivals, parties, dinners, weddings, receptions and at a variety of venues including schools, churches, bookstores, cafes, museums, parks, art galleries, libraries, homes and businesses.
   The beautiful sound of the hammered dulcimer first attracted Kyle to the instrument and continues to inspire him today. Its bell-like tones resonate and create layers of sounds that mingle with one another. This provides the opportunity to consider the spaces between the notes, just as negative space is a critical part of visual art. His arrangements frequently consist of slow, graceful measures with ample spaces between notes, allowing the listener time to absorb the pitch and placement of the notes.
   He is inspired also by the music he has heard during his life, including traditional (Appalachian, Celtic) or popular (reggae, rock, rhythm and blues, country) and classical. He uses elements of all of these genres in his arrangements and performs some unexpected popular tunes, which turn out beautifully.
   Kyle has a comfortable, almost effortless approach to the instrument, and to the varied songs he adapts to it. To listen to his music is to be relaxed, uplifted and delighted.
   Kyle plays mostly traditional Celtic and American music but includes some modern tunes as well, so the selections can range from eighteenth century Irish music to the Beatles. He has four recordings, (just click the Buy button, above) most recently Comfort and Joy, a collection of holiday tunes featuring Celtic harpist Tisa McGraw.
   He lives in a crooked, historic farmhouse in Cold Spring, Kentucky with a talented, beautiful, grimy blacksmith (his wife), a 20 year old, magnificently bearded, ace college student (his son), and for part of the year, a fabulous polychromatically stained and tireless silk-artist (his mother - see Mom's Art! button above), all of whom he loves very much and is lucky to have in his life.

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